Wednesday, 26 October 2016

[Journal] Stay Strong, Positives & Move On


September 2016 is the toughest month in my life. Everything starts in early September, which is my lovely father was pass away on 6th September 2016. I do not expect all of this will be happen on this moments but I know it will be happening soon. This is the petty surprise to me and my Mama. At the same time, my moods are totally down for the whole days in September until these days. Now, everything is like new life to me without my lovely dad – since I'm the only child in my family, I not get married yet, and I stay with my Mama but we're feeling so lonely without my dad. Everything was change and its effect our life. 

Almost 2 months, I take a time to accept these moments. Since the end of August until 10th September 2016, I do not post or update any topic on my blog. Just I was updating a few pictures in my Instagram only in these moments. Then, I decide to active back what do I love to do in my life, which is blogging. Even my dad and mama always support me to be a blogger so why not I'm back again. 

Time to time… Slowly I try my best to continue strong, positives and move on after the great test in my life. People will say them understanding my feelings, but they don't. They can say whatever they want, but they don't sit in my shoes. Nowadays, I'm moving on with my new life. Totally is new life to me. Step by step, I try to work with this new life. I recognize I'm strong to face all these tests but all about time. Maybe I should start over with the works o love to do in my life. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

[Fashion] Timeless with Daniel Wellington Watches

I was fall in love at the first time, I saw the Daniel Wellington Watches along their Instagram. So I decide to buy the Daniel Wellington Watches after I got ‘bonus' on last a few months ago. It's like my wonderful gift to myself. 

The Daniel Wellington watches are on a quest for perfection, one that starts with – and continues to focus on – the details. This subtle set of qualities is what makes a Daniel Wellington a unique timepiece I'll wear on my wrist for years. Their focus is on a select few watches – designs that have been refined many times over. The result is a watch that anyone can have. But with wear, travel and time – and the straps I choose – a Daniel Wellington watch is an iconic accessory that becomes unique to me and only me.

I was been to choose the Daniel Wellington watch of Classy Winchester – rose gold case with Winchester strap (26mm). The Classy Collection embodies of Scandinavian aesthetic, with minimalistic, deliberate details that have been perfected many times over. A hint of sparkle from exclusive Swarovski crystals on a silver or rose gold case adds a touch of subtle sophistication and confidence. The Classy Collection makes a great style look effortless.

If anyone in Malaysia was have interested to buy the Daniel Wellington Watches, you can buy it in the authorization store from Daniel Wellington. Just visit Daniel Wellington website for more information.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

[Beauty] MOONSHOT Cushion + GD EAU DE TOILETTE Perfume


Now, the luxury brand of MOONSHOT from YG ENTERTAINMENT was launching the latest product of MOONSHOT Cushion by G-Dragon (BIGBANG) as know as Microfit Cushion and Dara (2NE1) as know as Moonflash Cushion. Not to be surprised that MOONSHOT also launches the GD EAU DE TOILETTE Perfume that fragrance suitable for men and women.

Before this, the post is about Back to Basic by MOONSHOT – I make the small review of MOONSHOT beauty product that I was fall in love with this brand. Honestly, when I try this brand at the first time, I believe the quality of this brand is same with another luxury beauty brands too. Plus, it suits my skin type.

Let's me make the little review of this latest product. GD cushion (Microfit Cushion) is more like typical cushion foundation. The Microfit Cushion is certified for UV Protection, Whitening, and Anti-wrinkle by the KFDA. The GD cushion avail shades with three tones color which is 101 (Pink Beige), 201 (Vanilla Beige), and 301 (Natural Beige). The price in Malaysia is RM 110 and the Refill is RM 72 for 12g. I choose the tones color is 301 (Natural Beige).

How to use it: Use the inner puff to gently apply from the inner center of the face outwards. Layer a small amount several times to build up coverage. Please use in 12 months after opening it.

Dara cushion (Moonflash cushion) is more for base makeup or for highlighting purpose to give a healthy grow. It contains a non-oxidizing formula and its Smart Toning system protects both red and yellow skin tones. The Moonflash Cushion is also certified for UV Protection, Whitening, and Anti-wrinkle by the KFDA. The Dara cushion is having one shade only. The price in Malaysia is RM 110 and the Refill is RM 72 for 12g.

How to use it: Use the inner puff to gently apply from the inner center of the face outwards. Apply on upper cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of nose, forehead, and chin as a highlighter or if used as a makeup base, apply it on your face before applying the foundation. Please use in 12 months after opening it.

G-Dragon's first fragrance is GD Eau De Toilette, which has GD personally tested the samples and picked the scents that resulted in the making of this fragrance. The scents are based on passion (Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine, and Cedarwood), freedom (Sage, Sea Weed, Jasmine, and Bamboo), and the inner side (Ambrette, Cedarwood, Musk, and Patchouli). This fragrance is perfect for both men and women. The size is 50ml/1.7 oz and the price in Malaysia is RM 260.

This HOTTEST product of MOONSHOT is available in Malaysia too, which is sold at Sephora Malaysia Store, and online on the Sephorawebsite. For special promotion from Korea, just visit the officialMOONSHOT website.