Thursday, 25 August 2016

[Beauty] Road Trip Beauty Haul


I not sure, how many times I was being a holiday in Kuantan, Pahang? But I was happy and fun when I am going holiday in Kuantan, Pahang. It’s the moments that I can consider a rest before non-stop working period, start in early September 2016.

These times, I will stay at Swiss Garden Hotel & Resort Spa Kuantan for 4 days 3 nights on 27 August 2016 until 30 August 2016. The Kuantan, Pahang is located along the beach areas so the weather is quite hot.

I would like to share my beauty haul for this road trip to Kuantan, Pahang. Since my hotel is located on the beach areas so I need the sunblock to protect my skin.  I will bring the Laneige Travel Pack, which is including the toner, emulation, essence, and cream; MOONSHOT Multi Protection UV Bouncer SPF50+ PA+++ (50 ml), MOONSHOT Face Perfection Matt Stick (#301), MOONSHOT Powder Fixed (#301), MOONSHOT  Lipstick Stick Extreme (#M110 British Red), and MOONSHOT Eyeliner Pencil Extreme (#701 Levels & #601 Spark); and the last are NAKED. The detail about MOONSHOT, I already post it on my blog earlier. 

This is the most beauty haul I will bring together when I’m travelling to holiday. These products are suitable with my skin and I like it so much. Nowadays I’m excited to take short holiday even just in Malaysia only. It is great moments for runaway from stress. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

[Journal] Life Is Full Of Possibilities


Quotes of this year, Life is full of Possibilities. I fall in love with these quotes. It's meaningful to me. Of course, it is related to my life's stories. This year is the tough year to me; I have to stay strong and positive to face all this. Thank you to my lovely parents and sister, who always give me wonderful advice. Honestly, I pretty stress to handle works at the office. At the same time, I have to monitor some of the projects under my blog. Many things, I have to steal by myself but I believe that my life is full of unlimited possibilities.

That why I have made myself stay on the right path all the times. This is the way for making my life going smooth and great, even I have to face some problems. 

Make Planning

On every morning, the first thing I was doing is checking my schedule and emails. I don't want to miss the important things on the day. Coffee is the great partner to me on the morning. I take around 1 hour to checking my schedule and emails before I start my works. It's because sometimes I have important emails that related to my works. Then I make To Do List of which partly works I have to do first. It makes I feel relief and happy when I did properly of my works.

Stay Focus + Positive

Try to stay focus on what's I'm doing from the beginning, especially on the project and the collaboration project of my blog. Once, I decide to make the new project by myself or I'm joining the collaboration project – I have to stay focus on that project until the end. I'll try my best on that project even I have to face my things. I know when I fall in love just one thing, I was not easy to give up even I have many problems. I also will show the interest to another thing if it's related too. Maybe I look like a multitask person. While I stay positive in what's I doing, I will be fine and great. Oh, yeah! Set mind to thinks positive. Positive… Positive… Positive… Sure the positive aura will come to me. 


The opportunity is not always come, especially the great opportunity. So sometimes I just grab any opportunity that comes to me while it's related to blogging project. But I will have to look the term and condition of that project and also I will make some survey about it before I make any decision. Mostly, I received the good news from oversea. Of course, I was feeling so happy and wonderful when I was giving the new experience from them – who are believe my talents. I just need to believe in myself. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

[Project] Begin Online Korean Study 2016 – Beginner Level Only


On my previous blog post about [Project] Online Korean Study 2016 – Beginner Level Only – I was open the latest project in 2016. I received a lot of feedback on this project. Thanks for much for your support. I will do the best to this project. Actually, I already start my class on last month (25 July 2016) by group in Kakaotalk. I was happy to meet new friends even in Malaysia and Indonesia too. At the same time, we can share knowledge and stories since we have same interest.

For anyone, who is interested in joining this group of project – don't worried, I still open to everyone. It's free. Just drop the e-mail to I happy to meet the new friends.