Tuesday, 24 July 2012

[News] Korea Pass Promotion with Malaysian Airlines and Korean Air

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Kuala Lumpur Office is launching the "Free Korea Pass for Malaysia Airlines and Korean Air travelers", for Malaysians holiday makers who are booking forward to enjoying a hassle-free holiday in Korea.
The limited edition card is redeemable for free and specially designed for Malaysian travelers visiting Korea from 4 July to 30 October 2012 with Malaysia Airlines and Korean Air.
It is a rechargeable prepaid card that carries a cash value of 20,000 Korean won or RM 66.00. Korea Pass is an all-in-one travel card that can be used to pay for accommodations, subways, tourist attraction entrance fee, and shopping purchases. You can also activate the transpiration function of the Korea Pass by charging outside the subway or at any number convenient locations throughout the country.

Korea Pass:

General Guideline for Korea Pass Redemption:

1. The Free Korea Pass (herein after referred as "The Card") is eligible for Malaysian who travel to Korea with Malaysian Airlines and Korean Air from 4 July to 31 October 2012.

2. The redemption period for the card from 4 July to 30 September 2012.

3. The departure date from Malaysia should fall on 31 October 2012 at the latest.

4. The redemption is valid only for Malaysian Airlines and Korean Air tickets.

5. A copy of valid e-ticket should be presented during redemption.

6. Each person is entitled to maximum of redemption for 6 cards per one transaction.

7. The redemption can only be made at Korea Plaza, 7 Ground Floor Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P.Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.
*while stock last

8. The redemption at Korea Plaza is applicable to individual Free and Easy travelers only.

Publics can contact Korea Plaza 03-2072 2515 or e-mail to klkoreaplaza@gmail.com for more information.

Friday, 20 July 2012

[Event] Block B World Camp Package (4 Days 2 Nights)


Good news to all Block B fans in Malaysia!!
Look what I found yesterday at KTO or Korea Plaza KL twitter... (^_^)

This is the travel package to all Block B fans in Malaysia that want to feel new experience with Block B in Seoul, Korea.

This is the schedule:

Day 1 : 23 Aug Departure from Kuala Lumpur
Depart Kuala Lumpur for your dream holiday with Block B in Korea.

Day 2 : 24 Aug Seoul (No Meals)
Upon arrival, meet our representative and transfer to Phoenix Park.
Free time for your preparation for Block B World Camp.

Day 3 : 25 Aug Phoenix Park (Breakfast / Dinner)
Free time in the morning.

Day 4 : 26 Aug Phoenix Park - Seoul - Kuala Lumpur
After check-out from the Camp, we will transfer the group to Incheon Airport. For those who are extending their stay, we will drop off at Myeongdong for your own extension.

Price per person in RM

Min 4 PaxQuadTwin / Triple
PackageRM 4,500RM 4,650

Package includes:

• Airfare on Korean Airlines (subject to availability of seat )

• 2 nights at Phoenix Park with daily breakfast ( apartment style )

• Block B World Camp Activities & Collectibles
Special collectibles for participants : T-shirts, glow stick, passport cover, signed poster set, Eco-bag
• Gala Dinner with Block B
• 2 ways Airport – Phoenix Park transfer
• English Speaking Guide
• Airport taxes & fuel surcharge

Package excludes

• Comprehensive Travel Insurance

• Personal incidentals in the hotel

Land package includes

• 2 nights at Phoenix Park with daily breakfast

• Block B World Camp Activities & Collectibles

• Gala Dinner with Block B
• 2 ways Airport – Phoenix Park transfer
• English Speaking Guide

Korean Airline flight schedule

23Aug Kuala Lumpur / Seoul KE 672 ETD 1130/ETA 0635 hrs

26Aug Seoul/Kuala Lumpur KE 671 ETD 1630 / ETA 2155 hrs
Terms & Conditions

1. Min 4 pax to go

 If you're interested please contact for more details with Feature Tour travel agent as shown below. Thanks

Feature Tour Sdn Bhd (597689-U)( KPL 4587 )
4-1-1, Queen’s Avenue, Jalan Bayam, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-92055 228 ; Fax : 603- 92055 881 ; info@uclick2travel.com.my

or visit this website:

[Event] Fun Korean Lesson Trip


Good news to everyone that plan to go Korea this year... (^_^)

5 days of Korean language learning through K-pop and K-drama + 6 days of homestay with a Korean family.

* Language: English
* Region: European, the Americas, South-East and Hong Kong, etc.
* Contact information: Im Tae-un, the head of a department, PlusPlanner Agency
Office no. 02 2238 2895 / Fax no. 02 2238 2894
Call from overseas. +82 10 4259 2890
Email: info@winterfriend.com

This is jointly promoted by KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) and Institute of International Education affiliated with Kyunghee University. Please visit at   http://bit.ly/NdgoFc for more information.

For enquiries, please email to alex@winterfriend.com

Thursday, 19 July 2012

[Project] Big Bang Concert's Project In Malaysia 2012


I thinks all K-Pop fans & Malaysian VIP already known about Big Bang Concert in Malaysia. But I can told again to you guys.. (^_^)

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Live In Malaysia

Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 27 October 2012.

Actually Malaysian VIP fans club make the wonderful project to Big Bang, first concert in Malaysia and to show Big Bang that Malaysian VIP always support them forever. This project to all VIP fans that will go their concert on 27 October 2012.

This the lyrics of the song "Until Whenever" : 

Do not forget to memorize this song!!

[GD] (You!) I keep cryin'(Yea, you!) I keep lyin'Something about usThis is a song for, youDamn, what should I say?What should I do, tell me...

[TOP] nareul boneun geu ddaeseuhan nunbicheul wemyeonhae [GD] (i keep cryin')nae mameul neon aljanha gidaryeojullae (i keep lyin')

[Chorus] oh baby uljimayo lady (oh)uriui geu yaksok itjimayo (oh)geudaemaneun naega jikyeojulge eonjekkaji[SR] amuri seulpeodo [GD/TOP] (useoyamanhae nan)[DS] himdeulgo apado (chamayamanhae nan)[YB] nega ddeonagado (butjapjimothae nan)geuraedo neol mitgie urin yeongwonhalsubakke

[GD] baetbyeoti ddasaroun nal uri cheoeum mannan nalddameuro onmomi da jeojeun mangsinchangin nalajik gieokina nuguboda bitna damyeonhal chikyeosewo malhadeon man sonyeoga

[SR]geu hurobuteo il-nyeon i-nyeon seworeun ddukddak (yea)uriga hamkkehaettdeon chueokdeuldo nun kkamjjak[GD] geu jarie neowa nae saiegaromakgo seoittneun jeok wiseoneuro gadeukchan byeok (ah)

[YB] neol johahajiman dagagal suga eopseone malgeun nuneul bomyeon duryeoumi apseoneol bbaeasa galgeotgata sesangi museowogeu yeppeun miso byeonchi angil you are so

[GD] beautiful girl neon jeo bosakboda gapjyeoeorigo yeorin neoege angyejul sangcheone sunsuhan mam dachigehagin silheobireo nungwagwireul dada neoege nan michyeottda

[Chorus] oh baby uljimayo lady (oh)uriui geu yaksok itjimayo (oh)geudaemaneun naega jikyeojulge eonjekkaji[SR] amuri seulpeodo [GD/TOP] (useoyamanhae nan)[DS] himdeulgo apado (chamayamanhae nan)[YB] nega ddeonagado (butjapjimothae nan)geuraedo neol mitgie urin yeongwonhalsubakke

[GD] T O P[TOP] eonjena eodiseona urin gatihayeottjanhaneomu haengbokhaettjanha uri sesangyeottjanha (please)geuraeseo dallyeottjanha heomnanhan gire gwangyasseureojyeodo ne saenggake dashi ireoseottdeon na

[DS] apmanbogo ddwiera dwireul jikyeojulteni (destiny)nalgael pyeolchyeora barameul magajulteniyou are the one in my life oh jiji anneun byeol deulcheoreom

[TOP] jilmotdwen shilsuga ireotge dwel juriyanaega gidaedeon nega apahaljuriyaseulpeumui bada jiteun weroumppuniyashikeomeon eodum girilheun aecheoreom ulppuniya

baby girl gajimareo

[SR] (nan ije neo eopsineun andwae jebal ddeonajimareo)baby girl gijukjimareo[YB] (naega deo keun mideum julge jebal deoinsang uljimareo)

[Chorus] oh baby uljimayo lady (oh)uriui geu yaksok itjimayo (oh)geudaemaneun naega jikyeojulge eonjekkaji[SR] amuri seulpeodo [GD/TOP] (useoyamanhae nan)[DS] himdeulgo apado (chamayamanhae nan)[YB] nega ddeonagado (butjapjimothae nan)geuraedo neol mitgie urin yeongwonhalsubakke

eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh[SR] ne chingu cheoreomeh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh[YB] uri yaksokcheoreomeh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh[DS] na geudaemaneul barabwaeh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh

[TOP] nareul boneun geu ddaseuhan nun bicheul wemyeonhae (yea yea yea)nae mameul neon aljanha gidaryeo jullae (whoa 'o~~)

This the video that you guys can watching it.. (^_^)

I will go Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Live in Malaysia at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur with my Dongseng. We choose the VIP seating at the Big Bang Concert... 
I so excited and I can't wait this concert...(^o^)
I also will memorize this song for Big Bang and I hope they will proud of Malaysia VIP that support them...


UPDATE [Event] Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia Concert


Wah!!!!! \(^o^)/  Finally!!!!!
Running Into The Sun make the announce about the ticket launch event just around 2 hour ago at their Facebook & twitter today.
The ticket launch event of Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Live in Malaysia - at Fehrenheit88 on 28 July 2012 from 10.30 am until 6 pm. Fahrenheit88 will also be the only place that all MalaysianVIP can get VIP tickets (RM 688) & prioroty premiere Rock Pit tickets.

This the General FAQ:

1. Will there be a ticket launch event?
Yes, there will be a ticket launch event for this concert. It will be at Fahrenheit88 on 28 July 2012, 10.30 am - 6 pm.

2. When will ticket be released?
Tickets will be released on the 28th of July at 10.30 am at outlets and Fahrenheit88. Tickets will be released at 12 pm for Hotline and Online.

3. Where can I buy VIP tickets?
VIP tickets can be bought only at the ticket launch at Fahrenheit88.

4. Can I choose my seat(s)?
Unfortunately, you cannot choose your seats. You only can choose your category. It based on a first come first served basis.

5. How many ticket can I purchase?
Each person is entitled to a maximum of 10 tickets only per transaction.

6. Is there any age limit?
For safety reasons, children below 6 years old are not allowed for the seated Categories and 12 years old for the Rockpit categories.

7. Is there anyway possible that I am allowed to access the backstage to see my favorite boys?
Backstage access is not allowed at all times.

8. How can overseas fans purchase the tickets?
You may buy tickets on the Ticketing agents website when tickets are released on the 28th of July.

REDTIX Online: www.airasiaredtix.com
TICKETCHARGE Online: www.ticketcharge.com.my

9. Are there any limit to what kind of tickets I can purchase?
No, you can purchase tickets from any category. Age restrictions apply (please see point 6).

10. What are the 300 Priority Premier Rockpit tickets available at the ticket launch?
The first 150 tickets for Premier Rockpit A and Premier Rockpit B will only be sold at the ticket launch. Customers with the first 300 tickets will be allowed to enter earlier then the rest in that category.

11. Does tickets prices stated in Seat Map include Tax?
No, it does not. A RM 3 processing fee will be charged for each ticket.

12. Will you be able to change the date of the concert?
No, this date has been set according to the artiste schedule.

13. Is there a wheel chair zone?
Yes, there is limited number of wheel chair zone at Cat 4.

14. Is overnight queuing allowed?
Fans are advised not to queue overnight for safety reasons.

15. Which ticketing agent should I go to for the various categories? 
For the category of tickets available via Ticketcharge and Red Tix, please refer to their respective website.

16. How can I pay for my tickets?
Payments can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash at all outlets.

17. Where are the ticketing outlets?
Please visit the ticketing website for a list of their outlets.

Black market tickets will be strictly monitored and recorded on our end. We hope that everyone behaves in a socially responsible manner and not succumb to impulse to buy tickets from resellers who are seeking to exploit K-pop fans. If you proceed to buy any black market tickets, do note you might be asked for ID check at the door, and RITS reserves the right to refuse entry at door. 

The seating plans:

So to all Malaysian VIP, you guys can see this seating plan for you guys choose the concert's ticket that you guys really want to buy... (^_^) For me - I already want to buy VIP ticket that the price is RM 688 & this ticket only can buy at Fahrenheit88 Bukit Bintang.

For futher detail, please visit this website:

Monday, 16 July 2012

[Beauty] Produk Korea Kegemaran Saya~

Seperti mana yg kita tahu - banyak produk Korea telah menebusi pasaran Malaysia terutama produk kecantikkan. Antara jenama produk Korea yg terdapat di Malaysia adalah The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Etude House, Holika Holika, & Skin House... Nie yg saya tahu... (^_^)

The Face Shop

Nature Republic

Etude House

Holika Holika

Skin Food

Ramai di antara pelanggan mereka adalah terdiri daripada remaja perempuan & peminat K-Pop di Malaysia. Nie mungkin kerana mereka mengunakan artis K-Pop sebagai Duta produk mereka bagi mempromosikan produk mereka, malah sekarang K-Pop amat dikenali di seluruh dunia - dengan ini adalah salah satu cara untuk melariskan produk mereka. 
Tetapi ini tidak bermakna yg produk mereka tidak bagus, sebaliknya bagi pendapat saya produk Korea sangat sesuai dengan kulit wanita Asia termasuk kulit untuk wanita Malaysia.

Malah sekarang nie, saya menjadi penguna tetap untuk produk dari The Face Shop kerana produk The Face Shop amat sesuai dengan kulit saya yg agak sensitif & sedikit berminyak nie. (^_^) 
Nie antara produk The Face Shop yg saya guna sekarang...

Sebelum nie saya mengunakan produk L'Oreal - Derma Denesis, Pore Minimising Smoother. Saya telah mengunakan produk L'Oreal ini hampir 5 tahun tetapi produk nie telah dihentikan pengeluarannya disebabkan tidak mendapat sambutan di Malaysia.

Disebabkan nie saya mula mencuba produk dari Korea & produk yg menjadi pilihan saya adalah produk dari The Face Shop. Mulanya, saya rasa agak takut untuk mencuba produk lain & baru tetapi saya dengar ramai pelanggan mereka memberi muaklum balas yg baik  setelah mengunakan produk dari The Face Shop.

Produk The Face Shop yg pertama saya guna adalah: 

Pure Water Facial Mist - Jeju Flower

Produk nie sesuai untuk semua jenis muka terutama pada para remaja. Ia untuk seimbangkan tahap kelembapan & minyak pada muka semasa berada di luar rumah malah ia sesuai digunaka semasa mempunyai solekkan pada muka, malah ia berfungi untuk menyegarkan muka.

Kemudian saya mencuba produk lain dari The Face Shop antaranya : 

Herb Day Cotton - Prefect Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree

Nie adalah langkah pertama sebelum mencuci muka, ia berfungsi untuk mencuci muka kita dari kekotorkan & solekkan pada muka kita. Ia juga sesuai untuk kulit yg jenis berminyak kerana kainnya juga lebih lembut untuk lap muka kita.

White Secret - Fresh & Purity - Whitening Body Essence

Nie lotion untuk memutihkan kulit badan, malah ia tidak melekit & berbau harum semasa memakainya.

Soul - Sweet Pleasure

Nie adalah minyak wangi, baunya sangat harum & sesuai utk wanita.

Pore Minimizee - Controlling Clay Mask

Nie Mask untuk muka bagi mengecilkam liang muka. Ia digunaka dalam 2 kali seminggu saja. Muka perlu di cuci semula setelah memakai Mask nie.

Natural Sun AQ - Oil-Cut Sun Cream - SPF 40 PA++
[Super Antioxidant - Acaiberry]

Sun block nie untuk melindungi kulit muka kita dari menjadi gelap & cahaya UV yg bahaya pada kulit kita. Ia juga sesuai untuk kulit yg berminyak.

New Zealand - Volcanic Clay
Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip

Nie adalah produk baru yg The Face Shop keluarkan di Malaysia. Ia amat berkesan bagi saya kerana black heat saya dapat dibersihkan dengan baik setelah mengunakan produk nie. Malah black heat pada hidung saya dapat diberishkan dengan baik sekali.

Clean Face - Spot Corrector

Nie untuk menghilangkan parut jerawat di muka. Ia berkesan bagi saya. Walaupun ianya mengambil masa yg agak lama untuk melihat kesannya.

Face it - Oil Cut Pore Balm

Nie adalah base & ia langkah pertama sebelum menyapukan BB cream pada muka kita tetapi ia adalah langkah kedua selepas sapu sun block pada muka. Ia membantu kulit muka kita nampak lebh licin dari biasa.

Face it - Oil Cut Power Pact

Nie bedak muka, ia menjadikan muka saya nampak lebih gebu dan cantik.

Nie antara produk The Face Shop yg saya guna sekarang, sememangnya produk nie mahal sedikit tetapi ia sesuai dengan kulit saya jadi saya akan terus mengunakan produk dari The Face Shop. (^_^)

Nie laman web rasmi The Face Shop untuk maklumat lanjut: http://www.thefaceshop.net.my/

Saya juga ada mengunakan produk selain dari The Face Shop, antaranya : 

Skin Recovery - Cucumber Collagen Mask 

Mask nie digunakan dalam 2 kali seminggu untuk membaiki kulit muka yg rosak.

Organic Bambusland - Bamboo Tea
Favor - Pomegranate, Lemon, Original.

Teh nie adalah dari buluh & ia tidak mengandungi caffeine. Ia sesuai diminum bila-bila masa & ia produk dari Korea.

Nie antara produk dari Korea yang saya guna dalam kehidupan seharian saya, saya sebenarnya mahu berkongsi pada semua tentang kegemaran saya mengenai produk Korea. Jika ada siapa mahu berkongsi pada saya tentang produk mereka silakan... (^_^)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

[Event] Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Live in Malaysia


Berita baik untuk semua VIP Malaysia!
Setelah lama menunggu~ Akhirnya agensi untuk Big Bang Konsert iaitu Running Into The Sun telah buat pengumuman dalam 2 jam yang lepas di laman Twitter & Facebook mereka mengenai harga tiket & tarikh tiket dijual untuk Konsert Big Bang ini.

Seperti mana semua VIP Malaysia telah tahu yang Big Bang telah tetapkan tarikh Konsert mereka di Malaysia iaitu pada  27 Oktober 2012 (Sabtu) di Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

Senarai harga tiket Konsert Big Bang:

VIP (seating) - RM 688
Premier Rockpit - RM 588
Rockpit - RM 488 
Seating - RM 388 
Free Seating - RM 288/ RM 198/ RM 188 & RM 98

Plan Konsert Big Bang in Malaysia:

Tiket konsert ini boleh dibeli di Ticketcharge & Redtix pada 28 Julai 2012 (Sabtu) bermula pada jam 10.30 pagi. Boleh check outlets Ticketcharge di laman web mereka untuk beli tiket konsert Big Bang pada 28 Julai 2012.  Check all this website for detail... (^_^) Hurry Up Malaysian VIP!!! Only 12,000 ticket for Big Bang Alive Galaxy 2012 Live in Malaysia... (^_^) Choose your ticket concert & buy it...